Pain | Love

This pain I feel
This pain I feel
This pain I feel
This pain I feel

Consumed every part of my soul
Driving me into insanity


The thought of you brings me
The thought of you brings me
This thought of you brings me

I feel structured when I was stuck
I feel helpless when I was here

Pain or not
Love it may be
Hurt or other
It sounded sane
I know for now
I may be in pain
But I am in love.

So I wait.


I want to travel
I want it to rain
I wish the sun wasn’t dry
Hoping it smiles

I think of trees
Wish they grew taller
To shelter us more

I love these white walls
I wish we had bluer clouds
I want it to snow

I hear violins
Asking me to sing
I hear notes
Asking me to speak
I am an orchestra
Full of life
Without life
Within life

I am here
But not existing
I am alive
But not living

I want to travel