There’s always something to think about in the rain. It’s subtle yet disturbing, people scattering to find safety, and some annoyed by the circumstances look for shelter. Rain always tries to surprise you, with a drop here and there, as you pick up your step you hear the drops catching up to your pace and then suddenly silence, not sign of drops. Pondering for a while, you think to yourself “The rain stopped or am I just imagining, is it true “ but it is not, the rain pours on every step you take hitting the ground like 10,000 drums playing, you suddenly see people shoving each other, laughing, shouting or silently walking clinging on their last breathe, the weather temperature sours and you not only become colder but more agitated as traffic also appears. Rain will either turn your smile upside down or make your grin itch.

Isn’t it exciting though? Rain will never let you down, it will always surprise you and some people need some excitement, or maybe it wont excite you, but will intimidate your anger. Still it will initiate a response of your senses to allow your emotions to speak louder than the drums of the Rain.

Rain is interesting.