Unfiltered, an introduction

The purist form of speech is when information is unfiltered, a sentence rushed with thought. I envy those who calculate their words, figure out their sentences and migrate through vocabulary while sitting on a wooden bench avoiding chaos and replenish within a comma. As opposite as it may sound, I live within an organized chaos, a place where thoughts run wild in the midst of confusion. As I am writing this, my first blog post, I think of all those nights passed by where I missed the opportunity to share, to make someone else read what I experienced.  Some of it may be interesting and some may not, but isn’t that the joy of life? To live within minutes of uncertainties, we live in a world of possibilities yet we still should warm ourselves of difficulties.

You may want to grab a chair, a wooden one for that matter and get ready for unfiltered memoirs of myself, Welcome to the Awkward Corner.


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